Thursday, September 16, 2010

Shooting Gossip Music Video 'Men In Love'

Hey everyone,

The other day I shot a music video for Gossip's "Men In Love" single in Los Angeles. Joined by gay adult performers Jayden Grey, Dayton O'Conner, Dominic 'DJ Pornstar' Pacifico, a guy named Chad and one of Dayton's friends, we all played football players (but no locker scene).

(Wearing my football gear)

(Top left clockwise: Chad, myself, Jayden Grey and Dayton O'Conner)

We were there for like 5 hours and one shot in a cheese bus with 10 or so extra's dressed like zombies a la "Thriller". Out of no where, when the camera's stop rolling, one of the extra's turned to me and said in a very projective tone, "Are you Wolf Hudson?... I follow you on Twitter and your blog". Then his friend across the bus said, "That's Wolf Hudson?". I'm sorry, but I still believe that people don't watch my films, it keeps me humble. LOL I actually knew one of the makeup artist's and she introduced me to the other make up artist on set, Jenna Valentine. When she introduced myself as "Wolf", she said, "I know you. You slept with my friends". (Shout out to Andy San Dimas and Jessie Lee)

(Clockwise: Myself, Dayton, Chad, Dayton's friend and Jayden)

(I make new friends everywhere)

After that we stood in front of a white background and lip-synced the chorus to the song and that was a wrap. We all talked a bit to the band and they were very sweet. Overall, a great and easy shoot.


Make your hole smile,
Wolf Hudson

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