Friday, September 24, 2010

I Will NOT Win a GayVN Award Tonight

Hey guys,

So tonight is the night, that I'm feeling alright. We'll be making lo--- um, actually tonight is the 2010 GayVN Awards at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco. It'll be hosted by the very funny and last years cohost, Alec Mapa. It's the biggest night in gay porn and I will be there to enjoy the festivities.

I was nominated (at the last minute) for a new category called "Over Fan Favorite", and what made this special is that you the fans got the chance to vote for your favorite. I campaigned this year to get the vote, but I will concede that I will probably NOT win that award. Why? Well look at my competition... all superstars and legends in their own right. Some I have worked with, some I've worked for, some are close friends and some I don't know, but they are all deserving of this award.

Whatever happens tonight, I just wanna say thanks to all the fans that voted and for always supporting me and my career. Congrats and good luck to ALL the nominees! :-)

Eddie Diaz

Best regards,
Wolf Hudson


Anonymous said...

I'm awarding you with a MyCockVN Award, hot damn.

djron said...

you are a winner in my book :)