Wednesday, September 15, 2010

ATTENTION: Facebook Can Kiss My Grits!

Hey guys,

As some of you may have noticed, I am no longer on Facebook. The reason do for that: because I may have had some content on my page that they deemed inappropriate. Quite simply: Cause I do porn.

This is not the first time its happened to me and it's been happening to a lot of other performers for some time now. I'd had enough of it. I will no longer appease or support an anti-porn company like "Facecrap". I will NOT start a brand new page, even though this unfortunately leaves a hole in connecting with my fans and friends and disenfranchises my fans from one of the few outlets to reach me. Are they crazy? Do they not realize that most of the adult performers on FB bring soooo much traffic to their site on a daily basis? And then dare treat us like we're the scum between their toes. What are they smoking? my profile was so tame and was very care in what I posted. I never posted any nude pics of any kind of X-rated clips. So what's their beef?

That fact of the matter is I've always used FB as a secondary network to communicate. All my updates come directly from Twitter, which is my main hub where everyone can reach me. That ability kept my interest in staying with FB, but my fans were the main reason for holding on. I loved communicating in real time wit everyone and watching my fans interact with each other. It was awesome!

So now you know. Continue to follow me on Twitter @ if you are so inclined to read my silly post and catch up on my latest endeavours.


Make your hole smile,
Wolf Hudson


ron thomson said...

well that sucks,
i'll be a loyal twitter fan

KevMusic said...

Now I have keep up with my Twitter account. Your Facebook updates made my day.