Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Melbourne Holds Illegal ‘L.A. Zombie’ Screening

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An illegal screening of 'L.A. Zombie' went off without police intrusion Sunday night at part of the Melbourne Underground Film Festival.

The indie film from director Bruce LaBruce and starring François Sagat was refused a certification by the Australian Classification Board, prompting a cancellation of its premiere at the Melbourne International Film Festival—as well as a tidal wave of blogosphere-fueled coverage. “The refusal made the screening illegal but festival director Richard Wolstencroft said he was defying the ban,” notes one media report.

About 200 people attended the screening. “WHen MIFF dropped the ball [by now showing it] we felt we had to do something,” Wolstencroft said. “This is abut freedom of speech… I believe in it. You can’t just protect speech you agree with.”


'L.A. Zombie' also stars Matthew Rush, Adam Killian, Erik Rhodes, Francesco D'Macho and yours truly... Wolf Hudson.


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Luca said...

did you have fun filming the movie?