Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pierre Fitch & Wolf Hudson: Cumming soon!

Hey guys,

Cocky Boys Getting Set To Re-Launch!

Exciting news came down to us today from Cocky Boys! As promised the site will be re-launching with all-new content later this month, a result of a huge coast-to-coast ramping up of production in the past month or so. Cocky Boys will be kicking off the new content with an exclusive scene featuring Pierre Fitch & Wolf Hudson shot in Montreal last month.

As you've read here Cocky Boys & Wolf Hudson have been giving us some idea about what to expect with the new Cocky Boys (and when) but today we got the official press release from the company--and it all sounds terrific. As mentioned before the site has been hard at work filming & editing new content and today we learned just what a task they've undertaken. They've been filming in Montreal, NYC, and Laguna Beach, CA with the goal of getting back to a regular release schedule this month.

The first new scene with Wolf Hudson & Pierre Fitch (we nicknamed it "Pierre & The Wolf") is a flip flop scene and Cocky Boys has said that it's a "very heated intense scene" and pretty much what you can expect from other upcoming scenes. Cocky Boys creative director Benny MoreCock says that the new mantra of the site is "No Pain No Gain" and they are asking performers to "deliver on that statement". The new direction for the site will be a focus on the "dominant and submissive dynamic" with each scene featuring a "cocky" top and a willing bottom.

The press release also served to remind us that both Pierre Fitch & Wolf Hudson are nominated in the Overall Fan Favorite Performer category at the 2010 GAYVN Awards and Cocky Boys is nominated as Website of the Year. In addition eight current & past site performers are nominated at the year's GAYVN Awards. They include Fitch, Spencer Reed, Austin Wilde, Bobby Clark, Jesse Santana, Jason Pitt, Cameron Adams, and Hudson.

No word yet on who is appearing is other upcoming scenes and when the exact launch date is but we look forward to keeping you up to date as soon as we know.


Make your hole smile,
Wolf Hudson

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Aleks said...

Two of my favourite adult film actors in a film together. This is like gay Christmas :)