Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wolf Hudson's 'High Risk' Test Results

Hey everyone,

With the recent HIV "outbreak" in the porn industry this past weekend, I am sharing my monthly test results with you guys. This time I got tested through the new APHSS.org this past Friday. I like their new facility very much. It was VERY clean and the staff was professional and kind. In the almost 5 years that I've been involved in the adult film industry, I have never tested positive for HIV, chlamydia or gonorrhea (knock on wood). I'm actually one of the few that doesn't mind wearing a condom and I encourage everyone to wear one. Get tested!

Also, I'm raising $1,000 ($600 more to go) for AIDS Walk LA by October 16th, and your support is greatly appreciated. Every penny counts. Thank you! CLICK HERE

Wet dreams,
Wolf Hudson

Friday, August 5, 2011


Hey everyone,

So last night, my friend Shane and the biggest craving for a burger, which in turn gave me a craving too. I had not eaten all day really, do the thought of eating a burger seems right. So it's Shane, Annie Cruz and myself and we head on out to Weiland Brewery Restaurant in Downtown Los Angeles. The food there is AMAZING and I give it a Wolf Hudson certification: Flavor Explosion.