Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ass Poetry

Hey guys,

Here are passages from my poetry spread. These are all original work from yours truly... Wolf Hudson. Enjoy darling!

I am you and you are me. Feel my nipples, caress my chest. Crush my cock with your gargantuan foot sole spreading me firmly.

Your hole is cute, pink, and sublime. Staring at me like the centipede. Full force down your shoot like the mastodon. The echo of life

Nevermind, nevermind... you say. Well good, good good... I say. Close your eyes, open wide your cherry lips. Now swallow it!

Time will tell, the sand is not our friend. I go to the gothic potpourri aroma of ur pits. Intoxicated I say, you smother me. Once again.

I walked in, it was wet and grungy. Dark phantom eyes leering with bravado. I was scared. Soon an epic drop of the soap. Ouch that hurts

Tickle me now, tickle me forever, demonstrate your affection through my laugher. Come closer to my face. Oops... I passed wind, I love you.

Your eyes are a sea of mystery, one could get lost on the journey. Much like my urine cascading down your back into the abyss.


Make your hole smile,

Wolf Hudson

1 comment:

MOC Blogger said...


You looked great on Friday night. I wanted to come over and tell you that - I was in the row behind you in the center section - but you seemed...I don't know.

Anyway, I'll be sure to mention in for my recap of the Awards show in tomorrow's post.

You're one of the few people I know that can get away with sunglasses at night!