Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Jet Set Men Now Testing Models?

Hey guys,

This is quite an unusual post for me, but it's a darn good one, to say the least. The subject is "Testing Models" in gay porn. Some people are for it and some people are against it. Now with models like Mason Wyler and Kameron Scott being openly HIV positive, other models like Jeremy Bilding, Diesel Washington, Vince Ferelli and Trent Diesel are for testing. It's a very tricky subject to tackle and some do not know where to even begin. Most, if not all gay porn websites require testing, Randy Blue and Cocky Boys come to mind, but never really a traditional DVD studio... until now.

Jet Set Men is now requiring testing. I shot one scene for them back in 2008 called "Ass Cruisin' with Aaron James" and I was asked to test, but from my understanding it wasn't a common practice for their studio. I checked their "Become a Model" section and there it was... crystal clear. How long have they been doing this? I have no idea. (Click on image below)

I was very surprised to see this and to be perfectly honest, I didn't think it would happen this soon. Could this be a new change of pace and an about face? I don't know, but it's a start. Yes, I do believe condoms are an effective way to prevent the spread of STD's and yes it is ultimately a models choice to decide if they want to perform on film with someone who might be positive (it is common knowledge within the industry that you have to assume everyone is positive), but why can't models have the chance to see someone's status and THEN decide if they want to work with that person? The straight side of the industry require testing for all models (though most do shoot bareback) in order to work, so why can't gay studio's follow suit? Some say it is too expensive (an AIM Panel will run you $130 which includes testing for HIV-1 DNA, Chlamydia and Gonorrhea, by PCR), while others believe it is not an accurate system since you can get tested today, have unprotected sex later in the day and get infected. By the time your results are in... it might say negative, but you could be positive. It is also allegedly illegal to ask someone if they are positive when it comes to employment. Both sides of the industry are held to different standards of practice when it comes to law. Gay web studios traditionally do not hire models who are negative at all, but this is understood by both parties once the model agrees to go through with testing. I personally get tested EVERY month.

I am extremely compassionate about people with HIV and would never discriminate, BUT In the workplace, the sex industry, I would like to know peoples status and I'd like studios to give me the opportunity to decide based on fact. Some negative models don't mind working with positive models as long as there is a condom present and some are not for it, but give a negative model a chance to decide. Bilding was ridiculed when he correctly stated that there ARE positive performers in gay porn and about the percentage. I will go on record to say that that percentage has gone up within this past year, but it is not my place to publicly out people so you can take me at my word or not.

I am very proud to hear this and kudos to Jet Set Men for having the guts to be public about testing their models. They are setting the stage for a new president that could one day be a reality for the entire gay porn industry. But only time will tell at this point if more of the mainstream studios will jump on the band wagon. Congrats to Jet Set Men for being a true trailblazer.

Safe Sex and know your status!

Best regards,
Wolf Hudson


evilgene said...

kudos to Jet Set and the other studios doing this. Its about time to spread the word and maybe some of these kids oout there will think twice before the go and bearback like they were a porn star who does it and never gets any std.

Kudos Wolf & Jet Set

Dirk Diggler said...

this is so very ODD to me. the idea that MOST working porn stars are positive!? how did it get that way... u would think studios want their stars healthy and able to perform for as long as they can ... but I guess they really dont care! kinda sad... and scary! I'm happy that jet set is making the effort tho ... and as far as costs being too high to test actors-- that seems like a very lame excuse to me. I hear they don't really pay their actors all that well in the first place , but the studios make BANK so a measly few hundred on testing and safety shouldnt be the reason not to. O well... I'm a big porn fan but all of this is news to me!

DeWayne In San Diego said...

Its ALWAYS been about dollars(and hypocrisy) as far as the OLD DVD studios are concerned.(We all know WHO they are)

Frankly porn has left them behind,

Web studios set the agenda now days!

Wolf I was there on the Ass Crusin shoot (Press day) and can swear John Tegan said they were doing testing on models.

So I think maybe they just added this to the model application.

Remember Jet Set had essentially relaunched in late 2007 (when Chris Steele came on board) no surprise they left old hoary 1990's STD prevention practice's behind.(Here is a Condom and shutup)

Now if the rest of them would wake up and realize its 2010!

Tyler said...

I fully support this post and everything JetSet is doing to keep the models safer. It was great meeting you last night and thanks for the info and everything. Follow me on twitter @TylerAndrewsXXX so we can stay in contact. Thanks again.