Monday, September 24, 2012

According To Violet Blue, "Wolf Hudson Is Hot?"

Hey everyone,

It's been a while since I've shared a blog post written by me. I've been super busy with my NEW website Wolf Hudson Is Bad (A MUST SEE and please watch - super HOT, if I do say so myself). Anyhoe haha, I was shocked this past weekend when I read a post by sex blogger Violet Blue, talking about, well... ME! I was like "GET OUT!"

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Wolf Hudson Launches Official Site

Hey everyone!

It's FINALLY HERE! My official site! YAY!

LOS ANGELES — Adult performer Wolf Hudson has launched a new official website at

Friday, July 13, 2012

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Screw My Ass White Boy

Leilani is the one with the cut off jeans.
Hey everyone,

Did you like the title? Yeah, I bet you did.

Well, know that I have your undivided attention, keep reading. This is one of those times where I did not have to come up with a clever title for my post. Why? Cause it's the title of my next film - Screw My Ass White Boy from West Coast Productions.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Comedy and Porn Duke It Out. SWORD FIGHT!

Hey everyone,

I bet y'all thought this would be some comedic post about sword fighting. Ha... made ya look. LOL

This article from Examiner is a little over a year ago, but it's only now that I'm bumping into it. After reading it, I had to share with you all of you. Read more below.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

HIV, Gonorrhea, Chlamydia, Wolf Hudson!?!

Current test for month of May.
Hey everyone,

So did I pop up clean? Read more below.

Friday, May 11, 2012

I Fucked 2 Gorgeous Men With Masculine Vagina's

James Darling
Hey everyone,

This is my 400th post. YAY!

I've had the pleasure of working with many different types of people from all walks of life. Lots amazing people, few questionable characters, but over all a lot of variety. Porn has exposed me to a lot of different genres and sexualities, because I have always been one of those people who likes to try everything once. I have no fear in that regard.

I've worked with both genetic men and woman. I've done bisexual scenes with both genders. I've even done transexual/M2F (Male to Female) porn. Heck, I've even worked with post-op trans women, so the last frontier for me was to, you guessed it... do Transmen/F2M (Female to Male) porn.

Monday, May 7, 2012

My Cock Is Top Choice A LOT... I'm Jealous!

I'm a happy Wolfie after sex.
Hey everyone,

I guess the title is a bit strange, considering my cock and I are attached to the hip, per say, but in porn, my cock is the feature attraction. It's like Disneyland, you know that's where the mouse is, but the main attraction are the rides. But it is I, Wolf Hudson, who keeps the engine running and I work hard at it.

So it's humbling and rewarding when popular porn blog, Fleshbot, lists me a lot on their on demand scenes with female performers I've worked with. ALL of these woman are truly some of the best people I've had the pleasure of screwing with my penis in this industry.

Friday, May 4, 2012

Wolf Only Rescues the Dark, Hot & Handsome

Hey everyone,

Made ya look, right? LOL

Well, this really isn't a provocative blog update, but it brings to light something I did for others, out of the kindness of my heart when someone was in need.

I was literally about to fall asleep and I get a call from my friend Johnny (Calling from Chicago)...

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Text From Hillary... To Wolf Hudson

Hey everyone,

Here's a silly picture for today. Me and my girl Hillary Clinton, texting each other.

Monday, April 30, 2012

HOLY SHIT! I'm A Feminist Porn Award WINNER!

I love that the award is a butt plug. LOL

Hey everyone,

Looks like I won myself the "Diverse Cast" award at the 2012 Feminist porn awards for the film Fuckstyles, along with 14 other performers. This is AWESOME!

Director and performer Courtney Trouble confirmed this to me when I spoke with her over the phone. What a wonderful thing to hear. Even though it's an ensemble award, it still means that they recognize everyone in the feature and are honoring each of our performances.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Porn Makes Your Sex Life Better

The Expert Guide to Pegging: Strap-on Anal Sex for Couples
Hey everyone,

Here are two reasons why I'm posting this article:
1. The article features a picture of ME! (I have quite the ego) It's a photo of Dylan Ryan and myself, from out film The Expert Guide To Pegging.
2. It's an interesting piece discussing a survey about how people view porn.

Some of the results kind of surprised me. Not to the point where my jaw dropped, but by how much of a contrast it is to the way porn is shot today. Keep reading and you'll see what I mean. Maybe y'all can relate in some form and see if it applies to you.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Did Wolf Hudson Test Positive For HIV?

Current test for month of April.
Hey everyone,

Check out my current STD/STI test results for the month of April. Performers get tested once a month in order to work in the adult film industry. It checks for HIV, Gonorrhea and Chlamydia. I am clean, so come on board and jump this Dominican cock!

AHPSS's clinic partner is Cutting Edge Testing. CET currently tests using RNA RT-PCR, which means HIV infection can be detected fast and it's almost near impossible to get a false positive. (CLICK HERE FOR THIER TWITTER ACCOUNT)

I take care of mine and one of the things I make sure I do is wrap it up. Nothing wrong with safe sex and I encourage it. I know my status, do you?

Wet dreams,
Wolf Hudson

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Only Woman In The World To Repel A Straight Man's Penis (TRAILER)

Hey everyone,

Check out the latest trailer from The Romance SeriesLove, Marriage, and Other Bad Ideas - from directing and writing duo Eddie Powell and Jacky St. James. (VIDEO BELOW)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

I'm FINALLY Hard... In My Bathtub

It kinda feels like a CW television ad. LOL
Hey everyone,

Remember my last post, when I wrote about how I couldn't get it hard? Well, that's all about to change cause now I have a bathtub to spice up my sex life. Raging boner!

This article and photos were courtesy of Fleshbot: (PICTURES BELOW)

Adorable Photos From The Set Of “Love, Marriage, And Other Bad Ideas”

It pains us to think that there are funny, sexy, and heartwarming pornstar antics going on around porn sets all over Los Angeles, and we’re on the opposite side of the country.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My Dick Doesn't Get Hard Anymore (VIDEO)

Natasha Nice comforting me.
Hey everyone,

I was only kidding about that headline. If it were true, this post would be about my eminent retirement from the adult film industry, but I made ya look, At 27 years of age, I think I have a good couple of solid years left of getting it hard.

So why the title, you ask. Well, it kinda summarizes the "Vince" character I'm playing in my latest project, Love, Marriage, and Other Bad Ideas. (VIDEO BELOW)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wolf Hudson Is 'Waking Up' - Short Film (VIDEO)

Waking up
Hey everyone,

Check out this short film Waking up, from acclaimed director/photographer Dave Naz. (WATCH BELOW)

Featured performers are Oriana Small, Danny Wylde and of course me... Wolf Hudson.

Enjoy! :-)

Wet dreams,
Wolf Hudson

Monday, April 2, 2012

Wolf Hudson As Michael Jackson, Men In Black (TRAILER)

Portraying Michael Jackson
Hey everyone,

It's finally here! Y'all can finally see me in action, busting a move and moonwalking as Michael Jackson in Wicked Pictures Men In Black: A Hardcore Parody. Wicked just released a trailer for the film - catch me at the 0:11, 0:33 and 2:35 minute mark. (VIDEO BELOW)

Wolf Hudson, Andy Warhol Music Video - SanguinDrake (VIDEO)

That's me to the far left.
Hey everyone,

Check out my small cameo appearance in SanguinDrake's new music video Currency, their first single off their debut album. (VIDEO BELOW)

SanguinDrake was conceived in Spring 2010 by Sarah Sanguin Carter and David Drake.

The video is set during a party at The Factory in the 1960s, with Drake portraying pop art icon Andy Warhol and Carter as Edie Sedgwick. I'm just one of the groovy cats dancing in the background. Haha

Also, on Friday the 13th, they will perform and present their video at the next League on Nations event in Downtown Los Angeles. I will be there as well.

Enjoy the video!

Wet dreams,
Wolf Hudson

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Promoting My Cock & Fuckstyles

Wolf Hudson Is Bad teaser poster.
Hey everyone,

Here is a sneak peak of what's to come later this year, when I launch my much anticipated new site -

Check out this exclusive "Clean Trailer," featuring my beautiful scene partner Coco Velvett (video below). And look at this cool promotional poster from photographer and artist Ashes Wednesday (just one of the more pictures coming soon). He will be one of the creative forces behind this brand new site in terms of giving it a look and attitude... pretty much making "Wolf Hudson" even more of a badass. Porn starlet Aiden Starr, is the mastermind behind this whole operation and the one who pushed me to make this site happen. With two amazing and creative people behind me (no pun intended), I can't go wrong.

I'll keep y'all posted on the latest developments of WHIB. Female performers who wish to do a scene with me, please email me at

Wet dreams,
Wolf Hudson

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Does Wolf Hudson Have HIV?

Hey everyone,

Check out my current STD/STI test results for the month of MaRch. Performers get tested once a month in order to work in the adult film industry. It checks for HIV, Gonorrhea and Chlamydia. I am clean right now and anyone is more than welcome to jump on my cock and call me daddy.

AHPSS's new clinic partner, Cutting Edge Testing. CET is the only clinic testing with RNA RT-PCR, which means HIV infection can be detected fast and it's almost near impossible to get a false positive. Bobi and Jen from the old AIM clinic are now at this new facility and ready to properly draw your blood. Both are nice are wonderful people. (CLICK HERE FOR THIER TWITTER ACCOUNT)

I take care of mine and one of the things I make sure I do is wrap it up. Nothing wrong with safe sex and I encourage it. I know my status, do you?

Wet dreams,
Wolf Hudson

Friday, March 9, 2012

Jamie Foxx Vs Wolf Hudson: Naked MJ Dance (VIDEO)

Hey everyone,

It was brought to my attention that Jamie Foxx is trying to steal my spotlight. WTF!?! Oh no he di-int!

Monday, February 27, 2012

Wolf Hudson - High Risk HIV/STD Results

Hey everyone,

Here is my monthly STD/STI test. As you all know, performers get tested once a month (usually every 24 - 28 days), in order to work in the adult film industry. It checks for HIV, Gonorrhea and Chlamydia. As you can see, I am clean as a power bottoms booty hole and I am very happy about that.

The only thing different this time is where I got tested and what kind of tested I got this time. Performer Belladonna had tweeted a few weeks ago about only testing at a new facility called Cutting Edge Testing. I asked her well what's the difference from other approved testing clinics, and she expressed that they are the only ones doing RNA RT-PCR testing.

I was pleasantly surprise to see that some of the ladies (Bobi and Jen) from AIM are now at this new clinic and they are wonderful people and very much use to treating adult performers. (CLICK HER FOR THIER TWITTER ACCOUNT)

You see, I'm actually honest about what I do and I wrap it up, so I never worry about my status. I take care of mine

I know have the please to stick my penis in holes. I know my status, do you?

Wet dreams,
Wolf Hudson

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Trannies Stick Together.

The Dolly Parton look
Hey everyone,

You know I love facts and I try my hardest to be honest about who I am. Well, I must say that what I am reporting is ABSOLUTELY fact. I am so proud to report that gay porn blog The Sword, has hired a transexual to their website. But they didn't have to look too far. Their very own, blogger Zachary Sire, is currently going through a beautiful metamorphoses.

Since he factually reported that I came back to gay porn for as a "tranny," for "gay porn studio" Wicked Pictures Men In Black parody, I thought I'd return the favor an share these amazing pictures that she personally sent to me. I guess she's not sure what look to go for, but miss thang is lookin' FIERCE! Of course, once she received huge accolades for her brilliant piece, Mrs. Sire is ever so humble.

Thank you Mrs. Sire for putting me back on the map and being the most honest blogger in the world. Us "trannies" gotta stick together, right?

The Shirley Temple/Carrot Top look?

Love you, BETCH! ;-)

Wet dreams,
Wolf Hudson

Sunday, February 19, 2012

You Aint F***in Wit My Dougie


Wet dreams,
Wolf Hudson

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

(PHOTOS) BTS Wolf Hudson, Michael Jackson, Men In Black Cameo

Hey everyone,

Here are some behind the scenes pics of me as "Agent M" aka Michael Jackson for Wicked Pictures Men In Black: A Hardcore Parody. Enjoy


Wet dreams,
Wolf Hudson

Saturday, February 4, 2012

'Men In Black: A Hardcore Parody' Cast Revealed

Hey everyone,

As I reported last month, I've been cast to play Michael Jackson in Wicked Pictures new film Men In Black: A Hardcore Parody, directed by Brad Armstrong. READ HERE

The King of Pop made a small cameo in Men In Black 2 as 'Agent MJ.'

Here is the list of the all-star cast for MIB:

Misty Stone
Prince Yahshua
jessica drake
Kaylani Lei
Alextra Blue
Brad Armstrong
Xander Corvus
Isis Taylor
Ethan Hunt
India Summers
Tommy Pistol
Randy Spears (who's coming out of retirement to do this film)

More info to come soon. Stay tuned! ;-)

Wet dreams,
Wolf Hudson

Friday, February 3, 2012

Look Mom, I'm on TWO Covers!

Hey everyone,

Happy Friday!!! :-) It's already the 2012 and I'm on TWO covers! That's pretty cool! Check out these brand new films from two great studios: Office Affairs: The Executive And The Office BoyHard Candy Films and The Expert Guide to Pegging: Strap-on Anal Sex for CouplesVivid, directed respectively by Nica Noelle and Tristan Taormino. They are two of the most popular female directors today.

In Office Affairs, I get into a sexy romp with an executive, played by the gorgeous Francesca Le. In Pegging, I get anally and romantically penetrated by the sexy Dylan Ryan. Office Affairs is LIVE on AEBN. Pegging hits the streets on Valentines Day on Vivid's website.

Check it out and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did. ;-)

Wet dreams,
Wolf Hudson

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Episode of Office Affairs

Hey everyone,

Catch a brand NEW episode of Nica Noelle's "Office Affairs" starring the beautiful Francesca Le and myself, Wolf Hudson. Only on AEBN.

Office Affairs: The Executive and the Office Boy

No-nonsense “boss bitch” Francesca Le has little patience for employee screw-ups. When her personal printer fails yet again, she summons young Office Manager Wolf Hudson to explain his incompetence. But when the gorgeous older woman discovers sexy Wolf’s secret torment, she decides to console him with some mind-blowing sex.


Wet dreams,
Wolf Hudson

Monday, January 23, 2012

Wolf Hudson Moonwalks In 'Men In Black: A Hardcore Parody'

Michael Jackson as 'Agent M' in Men In Black 2.
Hey everyone,

This past week, while driving with friends to Las Vegas for the AVN Awards, I got a surprise call from Brad Armstrong. I've worked with Brad before on Rocki Whore Picture Show: A Hardcore Parody (taking AVN Award trophies for Best Parody - Comedy, Best Director - Parody and Best Screenplay - Parody for Brad) and SEXY, both for Wicked Pictures. He informs me that he's directing a Men In Black parody.