Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Where Is Steve DeFrank?

Hey guys,

Someone sent me a link to a news article about some artist named Steve DeFrank. I was shocked and surprised reading it. Check it out. 

Story taken from

October 9, 2008

Humor and reflection weave through Steve DeFrank's "Mirror Mirror" in equal measure as the artist, known for his lite-brite works, abandons the toy but not the play. Wood is the literal and metaphorical subject here. DeFrank addresses notions of gay culture that on the surface seem frivolous, even as their serious side peeks through the planks, stumps, and leaves.

"Stud Gathering" is a group of tall narrow panels that lean in two groups on opposite sides of the gallery. The paintings on panels are titled with the names of illustrious porn stars - "
Wolf Hudson (Stud)," 2008, "Bobby Blake (Stud)," 2008, "Jeff Palmer (Stud)," 2008 - representing a wide range of ethnicities. Each stud portrait is lovingly painted as faux wood grain in non-specific, luminous color.

A single plank, "Stud," 2007, is painted with faux carved letters in a primitive Disney-like font spelling out STUD. Could this be a stand-in for the stud of your choice?

Earthy greens and blues with bright pinks and reds coupled with the dry quality of the casein paint give all of the paintings in this exhibition a tight hyper-real effect. Faux painted carved lettering is present in many of the works and flip-flops between romantic expressions of commitment - signified by initials and hearts - and provocative bathroom graffiti.

"Fairy Nice," 2007, is a large panel covered with pleasant gay nomenclature - "Aunt Fancy" and "Miss Thing" and glowing painted lights. "Faglish," 2007, is even more densely covered with names and phrases that gays are called or call themselves - "Poofy", "Nancyboy," "Pansyland" are painted as if scratched into the surface - while "Assmosis," 2007, shows a floating stump covered with euphemisms for anus.

DeFrank pushes buttons; the phrases are either self-deprecating or malicious depending on who is using them and why. These densely painted works are among the strongest and most political in the show.

Other works, "Bippity Boppity Boo," 2008, and "Happiness for a Dirt Pile," 2007, are more open-ended and have a hard time competing with the verbal buzz of the paintings that surround them.

A moth-eaten leaf dripping with dew spells "Why Me" (2008) and rings with an existential angst that transcends sexual orientation. The floating leaf points to the fragility humans confront. This show adds up to serious fun as DeFrank looks beneath the surface in thoughtful and surprising ways to touch on issues of gay male identity and self-perception. END

I need to find this guy and the painting. I think its pretty cool. If anyone knows who he is, please direct him to me. Thanks. :)

Wet dreams,
Wolf Hudson XXX

WHO Pissed On My Carpet?

Hey guys,

I am soooooooooooo livid right now. 

I had 2 "friends" stay over my house the other night. I don't drink, haven't had one since News Years 2008, but I had 2 glasses of white wine just for a night. Fortunately I did not get drunk, which I already knew, no big deal. My "friends" had A LOT! of drinks and got hella drunk. On the way home they started getting bitchy and yelling "We need to get a blunt, we gotta smoke." I'm like "its past 2 and the stores are closed". One of them says "Don't say that, you don't know that, lets go to Safeway". We don't, but uggggh...

This went on for a while, then whining "I'm hungry, lets get some food, do you have soup?" I make them soup, they knew what I was making, started eating and were like "Do you have tomato soup?" I'm like "Bitch, eat your food". One of them started getting REAL loud and I tell this person to shut the fuck up, my roommates are sleeping and have to go to work early. I just turn off all the lights without a care and everyone went to sleep and all was good, finally. Or so I thought...

From what I heard, it sounded like someone was taking a shower. Hard running water, which I thought was odd. I didn't pay much mind. I hear it AGAIN, to myself  I'm thinking "WHAT THE FUCK???!!!! All of a sudden one of my "friends" falls on top of me, takes the breathe out of me mind you, and walks all over me. I just look up and see where this goes. This person finally goes to bed, but I'm like "Something is wrong".

I wake up the next day, everyone is getting dressed and 1 of my "friends" walks around and steps on a wet spot on the carpet and is like "Why is the floor wet?" I was like "WHO PISSED ON MY CARPET?" I knew who did it and this "friend" claimed not to remember what happened and did not remember the night before. I was so ANGRY; all I could do was keep my cool and try getting these "friends" out of my FUCKING HOUSE!!!!! I don't mind watersports, but god damn! LOL That's why I don't drink and do drugs anymore (Clean of drugs for 3 years thank you), when you do bad shit and you can't remember the next day, you know something is wrong. I don't mind people having a good time and doing it with all of the above, but take care of you and don't expect people to look after you cause you can't control yourself and your bladder. It did not help that my friend Peter came to visit us from Texas that  morning and had to witness the whole thing. 

The pain in cleaning the carpet was awful. It was easy cleaning, but its having to clean after someone that SUCKS ASS!!!! Carpets are no joke and the stain that was left was insane. As I type, the carpet is drying and looking a lot better. This person did say sorry, but I don't want to have ANYTHING to do with these people. I've tolerated their crap for a long time and now I wash my hands clean from ALL that and I can move one with the good friends I do have and have their shit together. 

You got  bad stains from wine, tomato suace, piss, etc... use "RESOLVE: Triple Action Spot Carpet Cleaner". That shit works wonders. LOL 

If this story made you horny... visit's and watch HOT watersports action. ;)

Wet dreams (No pun indended),
Wolf Hudson XXX

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I Cried Wolf and I LOVED It!

Hey guys,

Last week I shot a scene for's "Men In Pain".  I've shot for them many times and there is nothing out of the usual in their shoots. But this shoot was different. 

My scene partner was Maitresse Madeline, a beautiful tall and lean woman. She was so sweet and really funny. I was directed my BDSM model Claire Adams for the first time. I did not know what to expect from Claire. I've heard she is pretty hardcore and is totally into mind fucking. She is very much involved into the whole BDSM lifestyle in her personal life. But I went in there like a pro and did what I had to do... perform.

Claire demonstrated some techniques to have her try on me and described how she wanted to start the scene. Both my arms and legs were tied at each end. I looked like a bug trapped in a spider web, totally bound beyond belief. Maitresse started choking me, slapping, flogging and verbally abusing me. I pride myself in being a "painslut" because I like pain and I can take A LOT! But this girl was pretty tough. By the time she started slapping my face, she went into this back and forth rhythm, my eyes got a little teary eyed. Claire noticed this and yelled "Cut!".

She comes up to me and says "Wolf, I saw your eyes getting watery, are you okay?" and right there I started balling like no tomorrow. I couldn't understand it. I kept crying and crying, but it wasn't tears of pain, but tears of joy. I wanted to be challenged physically and mentally so this was more than I expected. Claire stayed with me and talked to me, hugged me the whole time. She would say this is a good thing and that I was able to let go of something that was very real and personal and that I should not be ashamed, which I wasn't.

I felt so safe with her and Maitresse was so grateful that I let go with her and hugged me as well. I was balling for at least 20 minutes, drinking some water and breathing very slowing until I finally got it together. Claire asked me if I wanted to continue, that we could stop if I wasn't up for it. I was like "HELL NO!!!" LOL But we could not continue that specific scene. For legal purposes, Claire went on camera with me and spoke about what happened and I had to consent that I was okay and that I wanted to continue. 

Afterwards, the scene actually became easier and Maitresse and I connected even more. We had chemistry from the very beginning, but after sharing that experience, we felt a lot more comfortable with each other and I think our scene became a lot hotter because of it. I was very happy to work with Claire and I have much more respect for her. The way she treated me was more than a model could ask for and I was glad it was with her. I can't wait for the scene to go up. :)

Wet dreams,
Wolf Hudson XXX

Monday, November 24, 2008 FUCKING ROCKS!!!

Hey guys,

Every other day I like to check out all the blogs to get the latest news in the industry. Today, I go to one of my favorite site The Sword. And to my surprise, I see one of the main headlines read: 

Today is Sword mascot Wolf Hudson's 24th birthday, and we couldn't be more proud. It's been quite a year for our dirty little superstar!...READ MORE

I'm even MORE surprised that they called me their "Mascot". That is FUCKIN' AWESOME!!! They are responsible with putting me on the map. Were it not for them post my naked Michael Jackson dance clip, I don't know how much attention I would have gotten today for just my work. I LOVE those guys and I thank them for everything. :)

CHECK OUT: and sister blog

Wet dreams,
Wolf Hudson XXX

In the Backroom with Ethan

Hey Guys,

Hot House Promotional Review:

Wolf Hudson And Ethan Grant Blow Their Loads At The Same Time!

Hung top stud Wolf Hudson discovered Ethan Grant during Chicago’s IML weekend. We reunited them in the Hot House Backroom for one hell of a hot suck, rim, & fuck session. Grant takes the full length of Wolf’s enormous cock in his mouth and ass until both chiseled young studs cum at the same time! Don’t miss this amazing double-down cum shot, now showing exclusively in the Hot House Backroom!


Wet dreams,
Wolf Hudson XXX

Turning 24 on the 24th

Hey guys,

I turn 24 on the 24th. That sorta thing only happens once in a lifetime. Some have said this will be my "Golden Year". 

It doesn't bother me that I'm get older, it doesn't bother me that I'm not getting any younger, what bothers me is the fact that I know I was conceived on Valentines Day and that fact my mother had the nerve to tell me. LOL

As I turn a year older, I am happy to have had amazing people in my life this past year and I look forward to seeing them the next, as well as gaining new friends.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my silly ass. :)

Wet dreams,
Wolf Hudson XXX

Friday, November 21, 2008

Hungry Like The Wolf: Unzipped

Hey guys,

Check out my first magazine interview for the October 2008 issue of Unzipped Magazine.

Wet Dreams,
Wolf Hudson XXX

Friday, November 14, 2008

Naked Michael Jackson Dance

Hey guys,

I just wanted to revisit the clip that put me on the map with you all. Its my infamous Naked Michael Jackson Dance, the behind the scenes extra featured in Jett Blakk's "Mug Shots" Dirty Bird Pictures.

Enjoy!!!! :)

Wet dreams,
Wolf Hudson XXX

Thursday, November 13, 2008 Penny, Wolf and Lobo

Hey guys,'s

Penny Play came to me with a very hot request. Although she plays with pee in her personal life, she has never had it on her face or in her mouth. Lucky for her I have some good friends (Wolf Hudson and Lobo) who can help fulfill her wet wishes. Penny shows off her sexy body and gets her cotton undies wet with urine. Then we cover her with golden silk. She cant control her orgasms as the wet pours down her hot pussy.


Wet dreams,

Wolf Hudson XXX

Ladies and Gentlemen: ADEN STONE

Hey guys,

I am proud and honored to write about this certain individual.

His name is Aden Stone and he is my first porn discovery. I'd like to take responsibility for discovering
Nash Lawler, but he was in the biz for many years. All I did was get him in contact with the right people.

But Aden is a special case. He was actually a fan who contacted me on
Myspace. Go figure. I checked out his profile and soon enough wrote back and asked if he was interested in getting into porn. He said yes and so it began. Stone Hails from Virginia and keeps a busy schedule with school, working out and go go dancing. So figuring out how to get him in was a bit of a challenge and it became clear that he could not handle this on his own. I advised him to contact Fabscout Entertainment to represent him. Sure enough, they contacted him and booked his first gig.

Being a HUGE fan of
Falcon Studios, he could not believe his first shoot would be with them in the Jocks film "ROAD TRIP VOL. 7 - PALM SPRINGS". He couldn't wait to get to Palm Springs and get in front of the camera. Everyone loved him and from what I heard, he did and AMAZING job. Jocks director Peter Romero liked him so much, he made it a point for him to stand out.

I am so happy and feel like a proud papa. I wish him much success and hope you all cum to enjoy him as well. Just from talking to him on the phone, I think he is a sweet kid and hearing him be genuinely excited to be working in porn made me feel really good.We've not met in person yet, but that will change very soon. Keep a look out for this rising star.

Wet dreams,
Wolf hudson XXX

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Join the Impact: Saturday, November 15

Hey guys,

Article taken from JC Adams (
November 12, 2008

CLICK HERE for the YouTube link.
CLICK HERE to Join the Impact

Wet dreams,
Wolf Hudson XXX

Falcon Entertainment's "NIGHTWATCHMEN"

Hey guys,

Falcon's Mustang Studios new film "NIGHTWATCHMEN" is now available. This is my first Falcon film in over a year and first time working with douchebag director Paul Barresi. Working with Coby Mitchell in front of the camera and Colby Taylor and Leif Gobo behind made the experience a lot better and fun. I respect these 3 men and they made it a relaxing experience for me to just make a HOT scene.

Falcon Promotional Review:

It's night. Men are on the prowl; mischief turns into adventure. Just be vigilant and watch!

Wide-eyed and watchful, they wait for the cue to drop their guard and sneak an adventure. Sexed-up men, hungry for cocks to suck and asses to fuck...all of them wary in the shadowy night.

Featuring the combined talents of Josh West,
Wolf Hudson, Coby Mitchell, Nick Capra, Jason Michaels, Hunter Vance, Derek Reynolds, and Zane Jacob

"NIGHTWATCHMEN" is available NOW!

Wet dreams,
Wolf Hudson XXX

Tuesday, November 11, 2008 Wolf and Christian Owen

Hey guys,'s

(The Gym Stud)

Wolf Hudson cruises the gym. He sees muscle-boy Christian Owen on the bench press and tries to get his attention. Christian, like some muscle boys, has attitude along with looks. Wolf teaches Christian manners by making him do a bondage workout. Wolf also works out his aggression by using Christian as a punching bag. He then takes the exhausted Christian to the shower, and finishes him off with a hard bondage fuck.

NOTE: This is Christian's first BDSM scene and first shoot in over a year.

Wet dreams,
Wolf Hudson XXX

The Bi Controversy is HERE!!!!!

Hey guys,

The firestorm, the controversy and mayhem Chi Chi LaRue's "SHIFTING GEARS" ignited this past August is FINALLY HERE!!!

C1R Promotional Review:

Hold on tight as Diector Chi Chi LaRue takes you on a nonstop fast paced sexual adventure. Already one of the most talked about features of the year C1R's top all male exclusives Cameron Marshall, Johnny Hazzard, & Blake Riley, make their Bi-sexual feature debut. An outstanding supporting cast including Wolf Hudson, Lola, Shy Love, Britney Amber, Cody Springs, Ryan Alexander and Lee Stephens proves that when an A-list cast of stars is assembled, there is no stopping Larue from making one of the most compelling and sexually charged features of the year.

"SHIFTING GEARS" comes out December 2, 2008

Wet dreams,
Wolf Hudson XXX