Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Had A Change of Heart

Hey guys,

This past weekend I did my first scene for studio Adam & Eve in Jim Malibu's next feature, "Taboo Tales". I hand picked the beautiful Tara Lynn Foxx to be my scene partner and I made the right choice... It was a HOT scene!

I was surprised that she had a "No working with gay porn performer's" policy in the past, but I sort of changed that view for her. She posted this update on her blog and I want to share her journey. She is pretty much saying what I've said before:

(August 2010 issue of XBIZ Premiere)

I'm proud of you Tara for having an open mind and not sticking to the status quo. You are a brave person and have and left a great impression in my life. MUAH!

Here is her story -

Do you remember me saying that I wont work with guys that do gay porn?

Today I shot with Wolf Hudson for Adam and Eve. I fucked him with a strap on then let him fuck me as a reward for taking it up the ass. We had so much fun. Our soft core is the HOTTEST soft core scene ever!

I met Wolf months ago in the kink castle. I thought he was funny, charming, and handsome. We were at the airport one day to go back to LA just hanging out and talking when I realized I really wanted to fuck him. However, I knew he was a bi performer so that quickly dissolved my fantasy.

What made me have a change in heart?

Throughout my career, so far, I have been told not to do some things because it will ruin me. I believed that crap. For a while now I have been really worried about what you guys, my fans, would think of me if I did certain types of scenes… well guess what?! Its not going down like that anymore. I want to try everything for the first time…. My motto is: I may never do it again but I can atleast say i did it! I got in to porn to try new things, have amazing sex, and find out what truly turns me on.

I was comfortable doing this scene for a few reasons. 1.Wolf requested me. That’s pretty cool. He could of chosen any girl, but when Adam and Eve asked he said Tara Lynn Foxx. 2. He has a current test. He just got his new test back today . (When he does gay porn he uses condoms) 3. It was for the right company. 4. I’ve been wanting to work with Wolf for a long time. 5. I wanted to know what it felt like to fuck a guy in the ass then get fucked by him.

I want you guys to know that porn is about having fun! It is about doing crazy things on camera to give you ideas to try at home!
We still want you to be safe. We do our part.
I get tested every three weeks and use condoms when I am off camera.

Do me a favor….. since I tried something new for the first time, I want you to do the same. It doesn’t have to be as extreme… what ever it is that you have been unsure of trying… JUST DO IT! After you do, write me and tell me all about it!


Make your hole smile,
Wolf Hudson

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Nica Noelle said...

This makes me so happy and so proud of both you and Tara! It's hard to go against the status quo, particularly in these tough economic times when everyone is scared to do anything but "play it safe," but you're out there changing the way people think, and gorgeous girls like Tara who stand up with you should be applauded and rewarded. I hope to have the honor of shooting both of you soon!