Monday, September 24, 2012

According To Violet Blue, "Wolf Hudson Is Hot?"

Hey everyone,

It's been a while since I've shared a blog post written by me. I've been super busy with my NEW website Wolf Hudson Is Bad (A MUST SEE and please watch - super HOT, if I do say so myself). Anyhoe haha, I was shocked this past weekend when I read a post by sex blogger Violet Blue, talking about, well... ME! I was like "GET OUT!"

This past weekend, I've been in San Francisco shooting for my site and attending the 2012 Folsom Street Fair. On Saturday, I shot with the AMAZING Jiz Lee and did a Madonna/Justify My Love-esque scene where we played gender neutral, androgynous sex lovers. It was sexy as fuck and with an added "twist" that all of you, my fans, have been demanding more of. It really was a fantastic shoot!

I tweeted and Instagram'd the pics so people could get an idea. Jiz Retweeted it and sure enough, Miss Blue favorited. Little did I know, she would write a post about it. Even though I was very excited about shooting this scene and thought it would be special, I didn't think it would get the reaction or attention that it's received, especially by Miss Blue. Hell, even Chris Crocker reblogged the picture above on his Tumblr feed.
Queer porn performer Jiz Lee and myself.

Thank you Violet for the sweet shout out! :-)

The title of this post wanted to be “Wolf Hudson is Hot” but I got a little shy at the last minute. This sexy photo of porn stars Jiz Lee and Wolf Hudson that Jiz just Tweeted made me have to share Wolf Hudson is Bad with you, Wolf’s insanely hot -free- website where you can see all kinds of genderfuckery, boy candy, nastiness, pretty girls and queers of all kinds – it’s very explicit, and you’ve been warned. Don’t forget to follow Wolf Hudson on Twitter.

Wet dreams,
Wolf Hudson

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