Wednesday, February 22, 2012

BREAKING NEWS: Trannies Stick Together.

The Dolly Parton look
Hey everyone,

You know I love facts and I try my hardest to be honest about who I am. Well, I must say that what I am reporting is ABSOLUTELY fact. I am so proud to report that gay porn blog The Sword, has hired a transexual to their website. But they didn't have to look too far. Their very own, blogger Zachary Sire, is currently going through a beautiful metamorphoses.

Since he factually reported that I came back to gay porn for as a "tranny," for "gay porn studio" Wicked Pictures Men In Black parody, I thought I'd return the favor an share these amazing pictures that she personally sent to me. I guess she's not sure what look to go for, but miss thang is lookin' FIERCE! Of course, once she received huge accolades for her brilliant piece, Mrs. Sire is ever so humble.

Thank you Mrs. Sire for putting me back on the map and being the most honest blogger in the world. Us "trannies" gotta stick together, right?

The Shirley Temple/Carrot Top look?

Love you, BETCH! ;-)

Wet dreams,
Wolf Hudson

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