Thursday, April 19, 2012

Only Woman In The World To Repel A Straight Man's Penis (TRAILER)

Hey everyone,

Check out the latest trailer from The Romance SeriesLove, Marriage, and Other Bad Ideas - from directing and writing duo Eddie Powell and Jacky St. James. (VIDEO BELOW)

* I'm FINALLY Hard... In My Bathtub
* My Dick Doesn't Get Hard Anymore (VIDEO)

Marriage counselor, Dr. Paul Highland (Richie Calhoun), is at his wits' end. After years of dealing with an endless array of other people's problems, Paul finds himself with a problem of his own -- he no longer believes in love. That is until April (Allison Tyler), a beautiful bride to be, unwittingly seeks his advice. Sparks fly when an immovable object such as Paul Highland meets an unstoppable force such as April. How could two such opposing forces find a common ground? Can they? Or is this just another session in Dr. Highland's busy practice otherwise known as his life?

Natasha NiceDana DeArmondLexi BelleXander CorvusAnthony Rosano and yours truly, Wolf Hudson.

Wet dreams,
Wolf Hudson

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