Thursday, August 5, 2010

"The Queer Mafia"

Hey guys,

Looks like I'm part of "The Queer Mafia". Oooh how dangerous! I'm BAD! LOL ;-)

Please take some time to check out this wonderful MUST READ XBIZ article entitled "The New Crossover - Queer Nation", written by the amazing and multitalented director/writer/actress/journalist Nica Noelle of Sweet Heart Videos. This pieces talks about a new breed of performers that are taking the forefront of the mainstream porn and making our voices heard. Its a bit political, but we are all simply telling it like it is. Our struggle for acceptance is well documented, but we are continuing the fight in breaking down the walls and hopefully opening the doors for future performers through sexy and hot films that can be seen as universal and not segregated in black and white.

Thank you soo much Nica for giving us the opportunity to be heard and maybe even open some people's minds to what's right. You ROCK!

Featured performers:

Make your hole smile,
Wolf Hudson

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