Saturday, August 21, 2010

Groundbreaking AVN/GayVN Nominations For Wolf Hudson

Hey guys,

I believe, not sure, but I BELIEVE I am breaking new grounds and just made history.

In what was a shock and certainly a surprise move, the 2010 GayVN Awards just released four NEW categories to their roster. I was initially NOT nominated for any awards, but now I am with the addition of new category. I was nominated 'Overall Fan Favorite' and what makes this so much more special... its viewers choice (YOU).

What makes this historic on my part is the fact that I received a pre-2011 AVN Award nomination (Best Orgy) for An Open Invitation: A Real Swingers Party in San Francisco. The AVN Awards are a straight porn award show and now a GayVN. Even though its for two separate years, these nomination came in 2010. Aside from maybe Savanna Samson (she on Best Non-Sexual Role), I don't believe a male performer has been nominated for both awards at the same time. That to me is HUGE! Last year I was was nominated for 'Best Supporting Actor' at the 2009 GayVN Awards for 'Shifting Gears: A Bisexual Transmission', becoming the first male performer nominated in that category for a bisexual film.

I've been on a mission to bridge the gap between gay and straight porn for a male performer for a very long time and seeking acceptance for doing both genres at the same time using the same name, 'Wolf Hudson'. It's been hard and I am still fighting the good fight, so this is definitely a step in the right direction and a major milestone. I am all about being a pioneer and breaking down the walls of injustice, because nobody deserves to be discriminated. Intolerance and bigotry is no place on this earth. I am a good person and all I want to do is make HOT films that everyone can enjoy. But when somebody tells me what I'm doing is wrong when its clearly NOT the case and they try to bring me down, I makes me fight harder and give them a fight they will NOT win. BRING IT!!!

So PLEASE vote for me 'Overall Fan Favorite' (CLICK ON LINK) and join me on this journey be apart of this truly special moment. Thank you! :-)

Much love,
Wolf Hudson


ronald said...

Congrats, you rock, keep it coming.
I enjoy it all :)

ronald said...

Congrats on all your sucess.
keep it coming :)
I enjoy all your work.