Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Prowling Around With Wolf

Hey guys,

Here is an quote from Pierre Fitch's blog yesterday about our adventures in Montreal. As some of you may know, I am shooting with him today for Cocky Boys. Its my first time in Canada and Pierre was kind enough to show me around. He is and awesome dude!


"After the locks were installed we went into the village to meet up with Wolf Hudson, the King of Kink He’s visiting Montreal so I had to meet him and hang out with him for a while. We went to his hotel but Ralph had an appointment to get to so me a Wolf hung out in the village. Montreal has something called Bixi Bikes. They are bikes that you can rent from stands all over the city. Me and Wolf rented bikes and I showed him around the village and all the cool places downtown. We worked up a big appetite after all the riding. I took him to one of my favorite sushi restaurants. I ate over $80 worth of sushi. Wolf couldn’t believe it, LOL What can I say, I eat a lot! I have a high metabolism, hehe"

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mmm pitsweat hot! :D