Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Pepsi Challenge with Wolf Hudson

Hey guys,

Check out this video I made with fetish performer Deviant Kade. We put the Pepsi Challenge to the test and see wish beverage tastes better, Pepsi or Coke (YES... I have too much time on my hands). LOL Enjoy the clip and please comment.

Make your hole smile,
Wolf Hudson


Kid Leo said...

I have to confess ... I do not drink soda since 2001 ... Since then, I only drink juice or water ..... But I remember the taste ... And to me it would be the hardest battle Cherry Coke vs. Pepsi Twist!

Smashing said...

I prefer Coke to Pepsi but like Diet Pepsi better than Diet Coke.

Brent Everett said...

LMAO! haha, I would of passed the test too, but i would of atleast let u think u had me.