Wednesday, November 26, 2008

WHO Pissed On My Carpet?

Hey guys,

I am soooooooooooo livid right now. 

I had 2 "friends" stay over my house the other night. I don't drink, haven't had one since News Years 2008, but I had 2 glasses of white wine just for a night. Fortunately I did not get drunk, which I already knew, no big deal. My "friends" had A LOT! of drinks and got hella drunk. On the way home they started getting bitchy and yelling "We need to get a blunt, we gotta smoke." I'm like "its past 2 and the stores are closed". One of them says "Don't say that, you don't know that, lets go to Safeway". We don't, but uggggh...

This went on for a while, then whining "I'm hungry, lets get some food, do you have soup?" I make them soup, they knew what I was making, started eating and were like "Do you have tomato soup?" I'm like "Bitch, eat your food". One of them started getting REAL loud and I tell this person to shut the fuck up, my roommates are sleeping and have to go to work early. I just turn off all the lights without a care and everyone went to sleep and all was good, finally. Or so I thought...

From what I heard, it sounded like someone was taking a shower. Hard running water, which I thought was odd. I didn't pay much mind. I hear it AGAIN, to myself  I'm thinking "WHAT THE FUCK???!!!! All of a sudden one of my "friends" falls on top of me, takes the breathe out of me mind you, and walks all over me. I just look up and see where this goes. This person finally goes to bed, but I'm like "Something is wrong".

I wake up the next day, everyone is getting dressed and 1 of my "friends" walks around and steps on a wet spot on the carpet and is like "Why is the floor wet?" I was like "WHO PISSED ON MY CARPET?" I knew who did it and this "friend" claimed not to remember what happened and did not remember the night before. I was so ANGRY; all I could do was keep my cool and try getting these "friends" out of my FUCKING HOUSE!!!!! I don't mind watersports, but god damn! LOL That's why I don't drink and do drugs anymore (Clean of drugs for 3 years thank you), when you do bad shit and you can't remember the next day, you know something is wrong. I don't mind people having a good time and doing it with all of the above, but take care of you and don't expect people to look after you cause you can't control yourself and your bladder. It did not help that my friend Peter came to visit us from Texas that  morning and had to witness the whole thing. 

The pain in cleaning the carpet was awful. It was easy cleaning, but its having to clean after someone that SUCKS ASS!!!! Carpets are no joke and the stain that was left was insane. As I type, the carpet is drying and looking a lot better. This person did say sorry, but I don't want to have ANYTHING to do with these people. I've tolerated their crap for a long time and now I wash my hands clean from ALL that and I can move one with the good friends I do have and have their shit together. 

You got  bad stains from wine, tomato suace, piss, etc... use "RESOLVE: Triple Action Spot Carpet Cleaner". That shit works wonders. LOL 

If this story made you horny... visit's and watch HOT watersports action. ;)

Wet dreams (No pun indended),
Wolf Hudson XXX


Grahamburger said...

All I can think to say is "Ewwwww"! But at least Resolve works!

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Anonymous said...

They should replace your carpet. I would never piss on your floor. But you could piss on me and Im not even into that kind of thing! Your FUCKIN HOT!!

rabbit on the moon said...

Out of curiosity, was your friend's last name Kelly? LOL. Come on. You had to expect someone to make that joke. :-D

brittonbi said...

Sorry to hear about your supposed friends. Friends are not like that, a true friend is respectful of you and would not do anything like that. I don't care how drunk someone is they do remember what happens. I knew when I was sick and had to clean something up. You are justified in not wanting to have anything to do with them, they are just using you for what they can get.

DeWayne In San Diego said...

Thanks for the Resolve tip I have cats ;)

Next time when a "guest" acts this way bring out the catbox and say use it! Or stick their head in it!