Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The Bi Controversy is HERE!!!!!

Hey guys,

The firestorm, the controversy and mayhem Chi Chi LaRue's "SHIFTING GEARS" ignited this past August is FINALLY HERE!!!

C1R Promotional Review:

Hold on tight as Diector Chi Chi LaRue takes you on a nonstop fast paced sexual adventure. Already one of the most talked about features of the year C1R's top all male exclusives Cameron Marshall, Johnny Hazzard, & Blake Riley, make their Bi-sexual feature debut. An outstanding supporting cast including Wolf Hudson, Lola, Shy Love, Britney Amber, Cody Springs, Ryan Alexander and Lee Stephens proves that when an A-list cast of stars is assembled, there is no stopping Larue from making one of the most compelling and sexually charged features of the year.

"SHIFTING GEARS" comes out December 2, 2008

Wet dreams,
Wolf Hudson XXX


robert said...

I dont see all the fuss over blake riley in this film, I am much more interested in cameron marshall, he really turns my crank.

Is the film comprised of only the 3 scenes shown?

Wolf Hudosn: The King of Kink said...

Hey Robert,

I don't the controversy either, but unfortunately, it did cause a lot of fire in the gay community.

I am not sure if its just 3 scenes. Thanks.