Thursday, November 13, 2008

Ladies and Gentlemen: ADEN STONE

Hey guys,

I am proud and honored to write about this certain individual.

His name is Aden Stone and he is my first porn discovery. I'd like to take responsibility for discovering
Nash Lawler, but he was in the biz for many years. All I did was get him in contact with the right people.

But Aden is a special case. He was actually a fan who contacted me on
Myspace. Go figure. I checked out his profile and soon enough wrote back and asked if he was interested in getting into porn. He said yes and so it began. Stone Hails from Virginia and keeps a busy schedule with school, working out and go go dancing. So figuring out how to get him in was a bit of a challenge and it became clear that he could not handle this on his own. I advised him to contact Fabscout Entertainment to represent him. Sure enough, they contacted him and booked his first gig.

Being a HUGE fan of
Falcon Studios, he could not believe his first shoot would be with them in the Jocks film "ROAD TRIP VOL. 7 - PALM SPRINGS". He couldn't wait to get to Palm Springs and get in front of the camera. Everyone loved him and from what I heard, he did and AMAZING job. Jocks director Peter Romero liked him so much, he made it a point for him to stand out.

I am so happy and feel like a proud papa. I wish him much success and hope you all cum to enjoy him as well. Just from talking to him on the phone, I think he is a sweet kid and hearing him be genuinely excited to be working in porn made me feel really good.We've not met in person yet, but that will change very soon. Keep a look out for this rising star.

Wet dreams,
Wolf hudson XXX


G Cracker said...

OMG I *know* him!!!! I'm SO SO SO excited, and I suddenly love you even more! Amazing!!! (And can't wait to see that video! :P)

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Jason Sechrest said...

Oh em gee! He's a hottie! Can we get him on my web show to show him off and get him some work? xox