Thursday, September 15, 2011

Austin Brown: Nephew of Michael Jackson & Future Pop Royalty

Austin Brown
Hey everyone,

Last night, I was reading an article on unreleased Michael Jackson songs. Curiosity killed the cat, so I went to YouTube in hope of finding it. But the outcome wasn't what I expected. That's not to say I was disappointed either, in fact, that's the complete opposite. What I found was something truly original and a sound that sounded like an old school track, but with a new twist.

This guys named Austin Brown, pops up and it's a footage of his performance of 'All I Need' on the now defunct 'Lopez Tonight' (the very title I was looking for of MJ's, but a completely separate song). I noticed that he had very familiar features, but couldn't figure it out. I watched him dancing and I TOTALLY saw a lot of Jackson-esque dancing and I was like, "hmm... not bad, not bad". THEN I saw his interview with George Lopez and found out something interesting... Brown is Michael and Janet Jackson's nephew, son of Rebbie.

I couldn't believe it, but at the same time very happy to see. I was happy that the Jackson Dynasty is still living with the younger generation of the gene pool. This kid is awesome! I searched more on him and he's got some really great songs and is displaying some of the same showmanship like his relatives. I was very impressed with his humbleness and that to me speaks volumes.

I hope you enjoy his new single as much as I have and I am really looking forward to his debut album.

Austin Brown: Nephew of Michael Jackson, Future Star - The Hollywood Gossip:

Wet dreams,
Wolf Hudson

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