Thursday, March 10, 2011

Michael Jackson - Hollywood Tonight

Hey everyone,

Y'all know me and I love me some Michael Jackson. Even though the King of Pop has passed away, does not mean he's not cranking out new music videos. His new music video for his song "Hollywood Tonight," off MJ’s posthumous album Michael. The storyline of “Hollywood Tonight” charts the journey of a young woman arriving in Hollywood from small town America as she follows her dream to be a star; though her ambition is to be a dancer, her story represents the struggle for every artist or musician struggling to make it in the world.

It reminded me a little bit of Flashdance and you can still see a lot of Jackson-esque dancing, which in my opinion is pretty awesome! I love watching people getting it right and actually having soul to their step. You see Michael pop in the video, but only through montages of older clips. Overall I like this video and it would make my idol very proud

Wet dreams,
Wolf Hudson
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