Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The KOK is OVER!

Hey everyone,

You can call me "The Porn Dude Formally Known As The King of Kink" from now on. Well, not really... just call me plain ole "Wolf Hudson". I never knew having a title would bring such baggage. I've been known by that name for some time and I never thought it would stick with me like glue. But it did and since then It's only brought out the drama queens. LOL

I never officially called myself "The KOK", it was more for my blog when it was new. My blog went from a couple of names that even I don't have the brain power to remember (thank you age). I remember being at a club and I had a fan come up to me and tell me about much be loved my work, whether is be str8, gay, bi, kink, etc. He said, "You're amazing man, you're like the 'King of Kink'". I was like "WOW!", that's a cool title... I like it! I preceded to call my blog that and though it would be catchy. Well, it didn't quite turn out to be that way. Soon little by little blogs running stories of me picked it up and they just referred me as "The KOK". Some how it stuck with me. People just assumed I called myself that simply because I worked a lot for (I give them credit for putting me on the map) and I was one of the few "mainstream" performers to dabble in BDSM porn and get attention. I was a bit taken aback, but at the same time flattered. Nobody seemed to object and I just let it be... I was from then on known as "The King of Kink".

That honeymoon soon ended. While I did enjoy a lot of accolade and "The KOK' became the norm, the haters soon came out of the like wildfire. There is one "prominent" BDSM performer who initially took offense to the title and laughed in my face... literally. I'm like, dude... it's not that serious, it's just a nickname. Then more performers tried to have a stake on it for the simple fact that THEY were more kinkier. I never claimed to be kinkier, I just happen to do kinky things. Left and right it was 50/50 -- fans and haters of the KOK. LOL

In short... I guess I was pretty naive about the whole situation and never thought it was a big deal, but seeing how some people keep whining about it, I guess I should have given it more thought. Since then, that name has come to haunt me and quite frankly... I don't care. I am first and foremost "Wolf Hudson" and nothing more. If ANYONE want to take reigns of that crown, then so be it. WOW... that feels good. I kinda like not having that weight over me. I even changed my blog to "The There I Said It Blog". I know, not as catchy, but it's become a sort of catchphrase of mine since I use it all the time on Twitter.

So there you go, I hope that satisfies everyone out there who's ever wanted that name. Good luck and good riddance. LOL

Wet dreams,
Wolf Hudson
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Simon Blaise said...

I dig your website.

I would love to know who the prominent BDSM performer was who laughed in your face - so many of them take themselves way to seriously (which only hinders their ability to get their kink on).

For me, the King of Kink is a state of mind and is a way of life. If someone else fancies using the name, who cares. They aren't paying my bills or sucking my cock.

Haters will never get it because they don't want to get anything, they just want to hate.

In my book, you're in a brotherhood of the crown. ;)

Simon Blaise