Wednesday, July 21, 2010

L.A. Zombie Banned at Melbourne Festival

Hey everyone,

This has got to be one of the stupidest thing I've ever heard, yet I'm tickled with laughter. LOL

(The official trailer for L.A Zombie)

I shot an indie/porn film called "L.A. Zombie", for acclaimed director Bruce LaBruce and starting Fran├žois Sagat. Apparently, this film has been banned from the Australian Melbourne International Film Festival, because it of the explicit nature of a zombie having sex with dead corpse's, or more bluntly - for being a "gay zombie porn" - which shows an alien zombie (Sagat) engaging in gay necrophilia. Is the first film in seven years to be banned from screening at the Melbourne International Film Festival, which starts on July 22.

(Vlog I shot while on set of L.A Zombie in 2009)

Although I find this to be find this to be completely outrageous, I believe ANY publicity is good publicity. Do they not understand that the more they try to prevent people from viewing this, the more are gonna want to see it? This film will not be some peoples cup of tea, but there are others who will find seek this film out for sheer entertainment. Its up to the viewer to decide if its tasteful.

Every model in the film consented and nobody was hurt, but most importantly, its FICTION! I mean C'MOM!!! Anyways... I'm glad to see this project getting some mainstream attention and here's hoping those who DO watch it ENJOY this film

Supporting cast include:
Matthew Rush
Erik Rhodes
Francesco D'Macho
Wolf Hudson
Adam Killian
Eddie Diaz
Tony Ward
Santino Rice
Rocco Giovanni
Andrew James
Tim Kuzma
Trevor Wayne

Make your hole smile,
Wolf Hudson

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