Friday, July 16, 2010

John Stagliano Beats System!

(John Stagliano (center) and lawyers outside of courtroom after their victory)

Hey guys,

I am filled with joy right now. Director John Stagliano, John Stagliano Inc. and Evil Angel Productions Inc. won their case against the government, on obscenity charges.

This is a monumental victory for them and the entire industry in way a lot of people don't understand. For over two years, all eyes were on John for something he didn't do. All I have to say is who are they (the government) to say that what we're doing is wrong? Everyone in this industry follows the rules and we make A LOT of money for the state of California. PERIOD! Nobody is hurting anyone with what's being shot, only providing good, sexy and kinky entertainment for those who WANT to view it.

John is a good man and I am very proud of him and company. He is a good man and kind hearted and he did not deserve this treatment. I texted him right after I heard the verdict and texted back a simple, "Thanks!"

MUCH LOVE to you John for kicking some major ass!

Check out this HOT film that I shot for him with Dana DeArmond & Flower Tucci - "Buttman's Oddyssey"

Make your hole smile,
Wolf Hudson

Picture courtesy of AVN Magazine.

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Jubell said...

That's great. I think when the government steps in and tries to decide what's "obscene" its a very slippery slope into censorship that can be out of control. Because no one can ever say what's really obscene and there are scores of people who think adult imagery is rather normal.

But I'm biased in that regard ^^

Still its good to hear the case has been won!