Friday, June 25, 2010

Honoring Michael Jackson: One Year Later After His Death

Hey everyone,

In honor of my greatest influence, here are some videos paying tribute to the one and only, Michael Jackson. Today is just as hard of a day as it was one year ago. I still have not been able to let go and my obsession is still as intense. I love this man and till the day I die, will honor his legacy and celebrate his life.'

I will spend today watching old MJ videos and listening to songs as far back as the Jackson 5 with porn director and great friend, Nica Noelle (she is a HUGE fan). Its gonna be SOOOO much fun singing and dancing all day long. :-)


Scott said...

No better way to honor the man, than listening to his music and dancing. And I have to say, you are a great dancer.

Steve said...

It is amazing that a year has passed. It is one of those "Do You Remember What You Were Doing When..." moments in my life when he passed. You do your best to honor him as the rest of the world will. Your dancing is incredible and your heart mirrors Michael's I am sure. Stay strong sir.