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Aaron James to headline Gay-For-Pay show featuring Kurt Wild
Written by: Chris Steele

About three months ago I got an interesting call here at the Jet Set Men headquarters in North Hollywood, CA. A very nice girl on the phone called up asking if I could arrange for Jet Set Exclusive Aaron James to appear on the Tyra Banks Show for a segment about Gay-For-Pay guys. She is the casting director and she had seen
Aaron James on MTV's TrueLife and she was interested in having him on the show.

A few emails and phone calls later
Aaron James was all set to fly to NYC to film the episode. The producers of the show even asked me for copies of all of Aaron's movies so they could show clips when he is on. I thought that was all really cool. Then the casting director called back and asked me if I could help her get Kurt Wild to appear. In doing her research of Gay-For-Pay porn stars she had come across the postings about Kurt Wild being fired from Subway in his small home town when it became known that the straight father of three moonlighted as a gay porn star. I put out a few calls, Kurt eventually called me back and then he too was all set to fly up to NYC for the taping. I also set up the show with the producers of CollegeDudes247 so they could get clips and photos of the pair doing a sex scene together.

Then the casting director called me back for another favor. Apparently the show had also tried to book Gay-For-Pay porn star
Wolf Hudson but they hadn't been able to get an answer out of him. She asked me if I would talk to him about doing the show. Wolf had turned them down on MySpace. I could understand why he did. You just don't know what direction a show with the subject matter of straight guys doing gay porn is going to go. Especially on a show with a huge female audience and a host whose theme is to empower women. I had previously warned both Aaron and Kurt of this possibility. I contacted Wolf by phone and we spoke for a while about it. He expressed his reservations about going on there because of how the show could (and probably will) twist things around to make the guys look bad. After considering it Wolf Hudson said, "No thank you to Tyra Banks."

When I called the casting director back she must have been doing more gay porn blogging because next she asked me if I could help her get Jet Set Exclusive
Sebastian Young on the show and possibly his girlfriend too. They were not having luck getting either Aaron or Kurt's girlfriends to appear on the show. I explained to her that Sebastian is temporarily on vacation compliments of The State of Florida and wouldn't be available for about 15 months.

In the previews on the show it appears that they ended up with three real porn stars and 3 guys who are probably hired actors with girlfriends who are hired actresses or guys who are pretending to be porn stars to get on the show. I certainly don't recognize the other guys they have on there. We'll have to wait till Thursday to find out for sure if the other guys have actually done gay porn or not. The show will be on this Thursday, January 22. Check your local listings for show times or visit for more information.

Wet Dreams,
Wolf Hudson XXX


Anonymous said...

Wolf I think you did a good thing by not coming on the show. It was a make Tyra look like a young Oprah and attack the porn stars hour.

Anonymous said...

Yes wolf you did the RIGHT thing by not doin the show keep up the good work!

daprincesss said...

I third that sentiment. Ironically, I have a friend who has turned down (repeatedly) shows like that hoping to capitalize on his personal and very loving relationship with a realdoll. people who are too ignorant to try and educate themselves about something that interests them aren't going to give anyone with, alternative to vanilla lifestyles, a fair shake. i suppose it's the sad part about bigots and their love of categories. i think you made the right decision. good for you.
-ur friend rayschro :-)

brittonbi said...

I agree this looks like a setup to demean the gay and straight guys who do adult entertainment. Tyra is looking for an avenue to make her a bigger name than she is now.
I wish I had seen this sooner so that we could have tuned in on the 22nd to see if we were correct in our thoughts.