Monday, January 26, 2009

Five Questions with Wolf Hudson

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Check out my recent interview with Unzipped Magazine's blog:

Five Questions with Wolf Hudson

Gay-for-pay performer Wolf Hudson has had a wild ride in the last year. From industry newbie to bona fide porn star, Hudson has taken the industry by storm with his streetwise charm, his nasty onscreen persona, and his dedication to his work.

Indeed, he's so dedicated, he even took it up the ass from the massively hung Ben Andrews! (Now that's what we call "suffering for one's art.") Though he recently decided to scale back his work in gay films to pursue work as a straight performer, Hudson is keeping one foot in the industry that gave him his start. He's even campaigning to co-host the upcoming Grabby Awards in Chicago.

We caught up with the amiable performer for five questions about working it, taking it and faking it.

1. You’ve made quite an impression in gay porn over the last year, even though you’re straight. Do any of your straight guy friends ever give you any shit for your job?

My friends do make fun of me all the time; they're always singing "Backdoor Lover" when I'm around. [Laughs] But they are the most supportive by far and never question it. As for making an impression, I try to do the best job I possibly can. I want to fans and futures fans to get off and have a good time. I never make being straight an issue and don't advertise it.

2. You’ve bent over and taken it from more than one well-hung stud. What’s going through your head when a dude’s banging away at you?

Cut! [Laughs] That's been the most difficult part—bottoming. Ben Andrews was the biggest by far. I was recently offered good money by a studio to bottom again and I had to refuse. I just can't do it or I'll blow out my air hole. I like to spread my wings and fly, but not stretch out my rose bud.

3. Do you think most straight men could benefit from taking it up the ass every now and then?
They can if they want the big paycheck!

4. If you could sum up one important life lesson you’ve learned from doing gay porn, what would it be?
If you are going to do gay porn, give it everything you got, 100 percent of pure excellence. I am all about quality and being professional on set and that comes across on screen. It you're gonna get squirted on by a milk enema, you better WORK IT!

5. OK, set the record, er, “straight.” Do other guys really know how to give the best blowjobs?
Oh, hell yeah! I've had girls do good, but the guys that have blown me on film are by far the best. Vance Winters, who I worked with on He Fucked My Father, should get a medal. He should teach a class called "How To Suck Yo Man." That boy can suck!

Wet dreams,
Wolf Hudson XXX

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Marc Porter said...

Love your answers are sooo funny...I have to admit though blowing your airhole would be kinda fun