Monday, October 17, 2011

Strutting For AIDS Walk (VIDEO)

(left: Kortney Kane, jessica drake, myself and Annie Cruz)
Hey everyone,

Yesterday I attended the 2011 AIDS Walk LA in West Hollywood with three awesome ladies in the adult film industry: jessica drake, Kortney Kane and Annie Cruz. Everyone was in the spirit and you could feel it all around. The energy was positively electrifying! The weather was gorgeous, the event was packed and it was all for a fantastic cause: raising money for AIDS.


This year, AIDS Walk LA raised $3,005,014 with 30,000 in attendance and I of course had already raised $1,000, thanks to all of you. Because of this, I became a 'Star Walker', which is why I wore my fancy kings crown and walked with SO much pride. "King of the castle, king of the castle." (Borat voice) For those of you who helped contribute, I have NOT forgotten about you. As promised, I'll be sending you a signed DVD and an 8x10 picture of me very soon, as a thank you for making my efforts a reality. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart... I am truly honored by the gesture and your compassion. :)

The walk started around 10am and we arrived at the finish line by like around 12:30pm. Not bad, but by the end of it we were ALL sweaty and drained. But nothing could stop us from accomplishing something that was nothing short of amazing. I was so proud to be walking side by side with my adult industry peeps and showing that we are aware the affects of HIV/AIDS upon millions people from around the world and how it has infiltrated even our own industry.
This was not done for publicity or fanfare, we did it because we care and it show's by how much we were able to raise individually. Combined, I believe we raised almost $10,000. WOW! AMAZING!

Along the way, there were a few surprises. First, Annie and I ran into an old friend and former adult/BDSM performer Satine Phoenix, along with her husband and their adorable dog. I had not seen her in over year, but it was great giving her a BIG hug and kisses. Then I saw a few other celebrities: Omarion of B2K fame and Raven-Symoné. They were together with a big group of their friends and walked by us for the better part of the walk.

It was good seeing people from all walk of life participating and having big smiles on their faces. I'm not gonna lie, the walk was also cool, cause of all the FREE snacks! jessica had to wrestle up some stuff for me. Thanks for the cookies and cream ice cream, jessica! Hahahaha There were a few religious protesters, but it was a joke (four in total, compared to the 30+ thousand of walkers).

Overall, it was a HUGE success and I had tons of fun! Next year I'll be setting my raising goal a lot higher and you better believe I'll be there walking again. This ain't over until we find a cure and I am hopeful I'll see this happen in my lifetime. Thank you AIDS Walk LA for making this happen and I'll see you next time.

Best regards,
Wolf Hudson


Anonymous said...

Me encantaron las fotos y el video; vuelvo a felicitarte por tu dedicación y te deseo lo mejor no solo en tu carrera sinó también en tu vida.
Un abrazo desde Buenos Aures.


Wolf Hudson Is Bad said...

Gracias Adrian! :-)

Wolf Hudson