Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Is Wolf Hudson a Brand of Chewing Tobacco or Porn Star?

Hey everyone,

I found the quirky post and I thought I'd share it with you. Like the title reads: Is Wolf Hudson a Brand of Chewing Tabacco or a Gay Porn Star? Well, considering I haven't done gay porn in a long time, I find my inclusion to this post a bit irrelevant, but it's still cool non the less.

There is a poll with many other performers and actual chew tabacco on this list. I challenge you, take the quiz - can you guess?

CLICK HERE: Quiz: Brand of Chewing Tobacco or Gay Porn Star?

Wet dreams,
Wolf Hudson


deepflux said...

Speaking of. Your gay fans.. Miss you.... Any chance we get to see you in some gay porn anytime soon? Maybe even just some hot bi action?

Wolf Hudson Is Bad said...

@deeoflux You can watch my las Bi film - "Bisexual Swing Party 2". :-)

Wolf Hudson

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