Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wolf Hudson Imitating Prince In Concert - 4/22/2011

Hey everyone,

On Friday April 22, 2011, I got the chance to see Prince in concert for his '21-Night Stand Tour' in Los Angeles at the L.A. Forum. What can I say... I LOVE PRINCE! "Oooooha!"

(Prince singing with surprise guest Alicia Keys)

I went there with adult performer and my buddy Paris Kennedy and my friend and Pancakes extraordinaire Juanito Blanco. We were all lookin' pretty fly if I do say so myself, but Mr. Blanco was getting all the attention (the man has style). We get there and find our seats and they were all the way in the top (tickets were $25 and not too shabby). It was actually a pretty good view. The energy was good and you can tell people were there to have a good time. And damn... Prince sure know's how to bring out some HOT people. WOW! But the arena kept messing with up by turning off the lights, thinking the show was about to start, only to turn them right back on (this happened at least 3 times). But then it happened... His Royal Badness walked on stage... check my reaction below.

I couldn't believe it, there he was in all his glory. The man was lookin' sharp and wasted no time start the show. This brother can JAM!!! I mean it. He's got to be one of the BEST LIVE performers I have ever seen. The man's talent is unparalleled and he brought the house down with hit after hit like Raspberry Beret, When Doves Cry, The Most Beautiful Girl In The World and Purple Rain (at one point he jokingly said "I have to may hits"). It didn't feel like a concert to me... it was like a house party and he had EVERYONE standing up and dancing, young and old.

* Alicia Keys made a surprise appearance singing a duet with Prince to How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore?.
* Prince brought up on stage Cuba Gooding Jr. and Sheila E. They tore it up dancing and the crowd went bananas.
* The coolest part for me was his tribute to Michael Jackson when he sang Don't Stop Till You Get Enough. You never see Prince acknowledge the late King of Pop, so that was awesome.

(Michael Jackson Tribute)

Overall... I had a BLAST and I would totally go again to once of his future shows. He is da man and that's about it. :-)

Wet dreams,
Wolf Hudson
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Skooter McGoo said...

Just more proof of your multiple talents as a man. Never letting anyone define who you are. Keep it up and man, & never run out of ice cream. Cheers from Skooter

Wolf Hudson said...

Thank you Skooter! :-)