Monday, April 25, 2011

A Dominican, Puerto Rican & Italian Are Lost In Hollywood.

Hey everyone,

Check out this clip was shot last year and finally posting up today. Here I am with my two childhood buddies and we're lost trying to find the Hollywood sigh. I scream profanities in Dominican Spanish. LOL

Wet dreams,
Wolf Hudson
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Adrian said...

Querido Wolf, me hizo reír mucho este video, me gusta tu forma de ser abierta y directa. No pierdas nunca esa forma de ser.
Estuve leyendo algunos de tus últimos posteos en tu blog y me gustaron mucho, sobre todo ver como participas y te comprometes en las causas de lucha contra el HIV, gracias por tu apoyo a esa causa, ya que yo soy enfermo de HIV y ver que alguien colabora y se preocupa por esto te da un poco de esperanza.
Te envío un abrazo enorme desde Buenos Aires.


Wolf Hudson said...

Muchas gracias Adrian. Eres muy amable. :-)


Cindy said...

When you shouted coño! you had me rolling. That's what me and my friends do too.

Bitter Southern Tranny said...

Out of all the great posts you make, I am most tickled pink by this one. I am Southern (Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina) and would probably die trying to navigate in a big city with no woods. And be screaming some crazy backwoods queer country shit that'd make people blush if they could understand my accent :P I look forward to more silly videos of you.

<3 Kaleb