Saturday, November 20, 2010

Serenade to Wolf Hudson? Say WHAT?

Hey guys,

I have no idea really have no idea what to say to this. Performer Danny Wylde sang in the car one night this wonderful song that he had just made up for me, of all people. I told him to share his wonderful gift with the world and put it on YouTube where it belongs. Sure enough he did and MY GOD! Umm... Grammys, HELLO! Take a gander with the clip below called "Serenade to Wolf Hudson".

Awesome right? Well, It's about to take a new level of awesomeness when you see performer Jiz Lee's cover of a "Serenade to Wolf Hudson". This is getting out of control! LMAO Will there be another performer out there willing to create something as sublime and these two exciting people just did? I LOVE me some hot messes!


And here we have Dana DeArmond and Mickey Mod's rendition of "Serenade to Wolf Hudson".

Make your hole smile,
Wolf Hudson
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Anonymous said...

That is great. I'll try and get something on about it. (I've taken on a contributing editor role for them.)

But, seriously, I can't be the only one who finds this sort of thing so much more interesting to write about than the usual mix of porn news.

Anyway, I wrote to let you know that I went to bat for you today on Huffington Post - of all places - in the piece on Brent Corrigan's role in the upcoming "Chillerama" flick. I think it would be really cool if you added something to the discussion. I think the last thing readers might expect is an actual porn star adding their $.02 into the mix.