Monday, November 8, 2010

A Daring Woman Shoots With A 'High Risk' Performer

Hey everyone,

By now most of you already know that I am always pushing the envelope and never afraid to show my face in a genre of porn. I know the consequences of my actions and for most people, It's hard for them to comprehend how I can do it. I won't lie, It's not easy what I do and being a man who does both gay and straight porn leaves to the door open for people behind a computer to have the "balls" to say things about me that they would NEVER have the "balls" to say to my face. I am fine with that, because at the end of the day a persons opinion is their opinion and has nothing to do with me. But I on the other hand have the ability to either accept someone's thought resinate in me or not and ultimately I only let positivity flow through me. The rest has no effect in me, because it has nothing to do with me and these people have no clue who I am or what I'm about.

Recently, the straight porn industry had an HIV "outbreak" which apparently came from a gay/straight "crossover" performer. This opened the flood gates of homophobia to run wild in the industry and I personally got involved in debating those who would dare say anything disgusting about people like me. BTW... when someone is very homophobic, it is my belief that they are closeted queens. PERIOD! The more you say to hate gays, the more they take it up the ass and a possible size queen. So instead of being called a "crossover" performer, I've now been labeled a "high risk" performer, but you know what? I am damn proud of that title, cause this word is coming from a state of ignorance and bigotry that only empowers me and lets me know that I am not the problem... THEY are. If where condoms in gay porn makes me "high risk", then ladies and gentlemen, my name is Wolf Hudson and I am a "high risk" performer. There I said it!

The after man of this whole thing is that I am now blacklisted in the straight porn industry. There are studios that won't hire me, girls that won't shoot with me and even agents who won't allow to shoot their girls to book with me, particularly a very prominent "tranny chasing" hypocrite agent who is starting this campaign (like a closeted Republican politician out to stop that gays from getting married)."Sweetie, come out of the closet. It's made of glass and EVERYONE can see right through it". I recently had a girl cancel a shoot with me for a major online studio, cause she wanted to "work with someone she knew and was comfortable with", even thought this shoot was booked weeks in advance (before the "outbreak") and was aware of who I was. This girl has shot bisexual content in that past, followed me on Twitter first and commented on some of my posts, but now she is scared. I of course was livid and filled with anger. My could not believe this was really happening to me and I wanted to call her out in public, but it wouldn't have gotten me anywhere and I'd only look like a fool. I did however thank her on Twitter for not wanting to work with me, It's the least I can do. Soon enough I saw that most of her tweets her going on about wanting to get fucked multiple times and pretty sounding like a slut (which I don't disapprove), but then I'm considered "high risk" in her eyes. I ended up shooting for this studio a week after that event found out through multiple people that she was called out by some, including an A-list performer (and my replacement) who flat out her "You fucked up!". This person knows who they are and I have mad respect for them. That alone made me feel good, because it says that I am not alone fighting this bull shit and there are people behind me and will have my back it someone pushes. I believe performers are entitled to have a NO-list and have concerns about their health, but I have NO sympathy for those who think I am a dangerous and are scared to work with me. Do your research and educate yourself, cause guess what? Those fears you have WILL die down IF you gain new and factual knowledge in regards to AIDS/HIV and other STDs.

Now there is a woman who is saying "I love you Wolf, I 'll shoot with you and I don't care what people think". This woman is performer, director and writer Nica Noelle of Sweetheart and Sweet Sinner Videos. Since the very beginning, this woman has supported and and featured me in a lot of her film, which some are now coming out. She even wrote an article for Xbiz Magazine and detailing my "crossover" and journey as I've tried to break down doors and barriers. But most importantly, she has been and incredible friend and confidant.

I first met her last year at the 2009 AVN Adult Expo in Las Vegas and my first thought was, "WOW! She does porn, but is really sweet." LOL Not to say that there are nice girls in porn, but she was super nice and it was refreshing to meet some who I consider to be genuine. We'd see each other from time to time at different events, but nothing much, very casual. We started to stay in touch after I saw her again at the 2010 AVN Adult Expo and she expressed interest in hiring me. Little did I know that not only did I gain an employer, but an actual friend and boy was I in for a surprise. She is a fan of Michael Jackson. WHAT? Another fan in porn? That did it for me and on my first shoot for her we did Jackson trivia and see who could guess the name of a song from a few words of lyrics. Since then we bonded and have become the kind of friends that takes years to nurture in my book... all it took was The King of Pop. LOL She is a smart, caring, and strong woman whom I admire and has actually taught me a lot. She aloud me to be myself and not judge and if anything, encourage me to bring it up a notch. I never got into this industry to make friends, but I do appreciate the ones I have made in these past 4 years and Nica I one that I am thankful to have come across with.

During the "outbreak" I kept close contact with her and was a moral support for me as all that I had worked for in bridging the gap between straight and gay porn was crumbling down on me. The crossover is over, for now, but she came out of left field and said that she'll shoot a scene with me (she rarely performs in front of the camera with men). She doesn't see it as much, but I told her she is brave to shoot with me. That speaks volumes of the kind of person she is. Intelligent, tolerant and kind. I told her if she's sure she want to do this and she unequivocally said YES! So on November 11th, I am doing a boy/girl scene with miss Nica Noelle. And to make my point come across, I will get tested tomorrow, November 9th, so I'll have a fresh test.

Thank you Nica for everything and paving the way for what I hope will be more open mined people in the industry. I can't wait to shoot this scene for the whole world to see. You inspire and motivate me to continue fighting against bigotry. Love you! :-)

Make your hole smile,
Wolf Hudson
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ron baron said...

Fuck them all, i thank this woman.
and i love all your work keep it cumming :)

Chris said...

Wolf, I'm a gay dude and I've loved you since the first time I saw you, and I keep loving you more and more. I, for one, would never blacklist you from doing ANYTHING with (or to!) me. Keep it up!

Bing said...

this fag-dyke will totally fuck you, too Wolf!!!

xoxoxxx, bing

Bing said...

this fag-dyke will fuck you too, Wolf!


Matt said...

Hey Wolf,
Want to say thanks for being such an open minded guy...I love that this crossover performer of course got it from his gay work and not his straight...since HIV is solely for the gay community. You are a very sexy guy and even better you seem to be a great sweet and intelligent man as well! Let's just hope there are more people like you!