Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wolf Hudson Meets Belladonna

(Belladonna and myself. We were both sweaty and tired from the heat inside the studio booth)
Hey guys,
On Monday (8/3/09), I met porn superstar Belladonna for the first time. I don't really get star struck over porn stars, but I am a HUGE fan of hers. She is a total bad ass on film, very enthusiastic and creative. I love that she takes risks and pushes the envelope, plus she is HOT as hell! LOL
We met via Twitter and she asked me if I wanted to appear on her weekly radio show Belladonna Radio, and of course, I could not refuse. I brought my friend and fellow adult performer Shane Risk along with me. From the moment I entered the studio, her eyes lit up and it was very chill talking to her. I have to say it was burning hot in the booth from the excruciating heat in LA, but I tried ignoring it and focused on the interview.
I had a blast and she is and absolute sweetheart and I'm totally looking forward to working with her and making a filthy, dirty and HOT scene. I'm totally excited! ;-)
Wet dreams,
Wolf Hudson XXX

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TRay said...

she loves what she's doing and that is so fucking sexy on her. lucky man.