Friday, August 21, 2009

"Freshmen of the Year" Red Carpet

(Faux reporter. LOL)

Hey guys,

Last night (8/20/09) was the annual "Freshmen of the Year" party in Hollywood, CA. This years model was 2 time honoree, porn star Zack Randall. The event was held at LA's on "Tigerheat" at AVALON (the largest gay club in Southern California. There was a who's who of porn stars were there to celebrate the festivities: Reese Rideout, Jeremy Bilding, Trent Davis, Brent Corrigan, Cameron Marshall, Josh Griffin, Lex Sabre and many others. The place is huge and it was jam packed and from what I hear, up to capacity! YIKES!!

Anyways, this event was special for me because I was chosen to be the red carpet report for Unzipped Media (sister company of Freshmen Magazine). They asked me to do it because earlier in the year, I did a segment for them about "National Teabag Day" (watch clip here). LOL

They liked my style and how I interviewed the people in the streets (BTW I was totally acting the part of silly). So I was shocked and honored to be apart of this and of course I couldn't refuse. I was nervous as hell about doing it, but let me tell you... as soon as I got on the floor, I immediately turned it on and it went so smoothly. I was pleased with the outcome and Unzipped was very happy with my work and hopefully I'll be doing more of this. "Look ma... I'm a reporter!" LOL

The party was phenomenal. The music was pumping, people were dancing, kids were WASTED out they're god damn mind, but everyone had a great time, including myself.

Thank you Unzipped Media for this fantastic opportunity! You guys ROCK!!! :-)

Wet dreams.
Wolf Hudson XXX

(Brent Corrigan)
(Lex Sabre, Josh Griffin and Cameron Marshall)
(Lucky Daniels)
(Josh Griffin, Jason Sechrest and Shane Risk)
(Reese Rideout and Trent Davis)
(Look at the size of that thing! Jeremy Bilding)
(Zack Randall)


Unzipped Media said...

Thanks again for making it such a great night, Wolf. Wait till you see the video next week!

Wolf Hudson: The King of Kink said...

I can't wait to see it. Thanks again! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Wolf,
Nice talking with you last night.
See you later and take care.


Marc Porter said...

Hi Wolfie,

You are brilliant, very interesting read.


Anonymous said...

I love catching up with you from your vlogs to your posts.
Always cool to see and read and hear whats going on in your world!
And your hot hot!