Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The King of Kink Vlog 2: Sexuality

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Anonymous said...


MLTINLA said...

the issue isn't what your sexual orientation is, it's that you are alleged to have said you don't enjoy the sex you have with men on camera. You can support the gay community all you want but if your fame which is as a man who has sex with men on film, is one that you proclaim you don't enjoy, then everyone has a right to be upset with you. If any of this is true, then maybe you should have kept quiet about that and not completely miss the relevance of why this is an issue.

Anonymous said...

?????Can I ask why you are so defensive about the subject altogether?

What does it matter if your labeled gay? Especially, when your in porn - your going to get flack for performing regardless if its in straight flicks or not.

You could also lie, as we all know, porn is a fantasy - so let people think your gay. Tell people your going to enjoy sex with men.

It seems silly altogether, even your latest post - where you've proclaimed your never going to discuss this subject ever again.

PS I don't think your ugly. I posted on another forum that it was spiteful for others to say this.

Anonymous said...

I used to see you out and about around town. From what I have seen, you seem to enjoy men quite a bit. What gives?

Marc Porter said...

Wolfie, I like you just the way you are, who cares hey!!!

Not me, you can be whatever you want to be xox

Anonymous said...

You're a good guy, Wolf. Unfailingly generous and supportive to co-workers and the industry. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Granted, I am a straight woman, so I have a different perspective (especially seeing the way female straight porn actresses have been "playing" gay for years and "playing" that they like the misogyny in most porn- what a double standard!), but as I wrote elsewhere:

What's the difference between these male porn actors and the vast majority of female porn actresses doing lesbian scenes? Those women are not really lesbians. I have never seen everybody up in arms over that. What a double standard. In fact, most porn doesn't even remotely resemble reality. You think 90% of the performers are *really* into every partner they are paired with? You think some gorgeous woman is into some hairy ape like Ron Jeremy banging her? It's *all* fake, it's *all* "gay for pay" and "straight for pay", and "attracted to Ron Jeremy for pay", by nature of what it is: a performance for the camera. I think making a stink about what someone is attracted to in their private life says more about your own hangups about homosexuality than the performers. They clearly don't feel the need to be labeled or define their sexuality for you. You didn't buy their *life*. You are buying a shoot, a simulated performance, just like every other porn performer you see. Should we start screaming, "I happen to know that Joe Blow hates short guys in real life, but he's fucking a short guy in this movie! Boycott his movies! It's a farce! He's a 'short-man fucker for pay'!" How ridiculous.

I don't think Wolf Hudson ever said there was something wrong with being gay. It's just not his preference in real life. Same as any other performer's real-life sexual preferences. You are projecting your own issues about sexuality onto it if it bothers you to this extent. Why do you *need* to have them in that box? What will that prove to you?

To the comment above that "if your fame which is as a man who has sex with men on film, is one that you proclaim you don't enjoy, then everyone has a right to be upset with you", I ask you, if a porn actress "proclaims" she doesn't enjoy having sex with giant sweaty hairy men, does everyone have a right to be upset with her that she does it on film for a living? If a porn actor "proclaims" he/she doesn't actually enjoy getting pissed on (or whatever), but they do it on film, does everyone have a right to be upset with them?