Thursday, March 12, 2009

I'm Shitting My Pants With Anticipation!

Hey guys, 

Probably this BIGGEST thing to happen in my career and I can't really talk about. LOL How the fuck am I suppose to keep my mouth shut with this? Gees..... 

Let me put it to use this way, if this project goes through, not only will I have clout in Hollywood, but I will be able to call the shots in ways I've only dreamed of. I know.... very vague! The only thing that I find disappointing is the fact that certain aspects of my character. I will even be going through a bit of transformation, which will be very obvious as time passes. NO, I am not turning into a tranny! LOL

I am totally stoked and now the stakes are even higher for me and prove I an can pull this shit off. Believe me, I want to brag. Its what I do best. ;)

Stay tuned...... you ain't seen nuttin' yet.

Wet dreams,
Wolf Hudson XXX

1 comment:

Jeremy Feist said...

Awww, thanks a whole freakin' lot, now I'm all curious and antsy. How about a hint or something? Or, you know, something to go on here. Please?