Friday, December 16, 2011

Does Wolf Hudson Have An STD!?!

December Results
Hey everyone,

It's that time of the month... I'm on my period. Not really, but I did draw blood. I went to get my monthly STI test at Healing Wave. It allows me to continue working in the adult film industry if I have a clean test. And guess what? I came out clean (going on 5 years clean consecutively every month).

You see, I'm actually honest about what I do and I wrap it up, so I never worry about my status. I take care of mine

I know have the please to stick my penis in holes. I know my status, do you?

Wet dreams,
Wolf Hudson


Anonymous said...

Hi Wolf!

I was wondering how your test came out (after wishing you good luck on Twitter) , and I'm glad to see you're healthy. Just proves once again that safe sex is the sexiest!

xx Jilly Boyd

Wolf Hudson said...

Thank you, Jilly and yes... safe sex IS hot! :-)

Wolf Hudson