Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wolf Hudson Is Good For You And For Feminists

Hey everyone,

I know this is late in the game, but I found this rather interesting. On April 15, 2011 was the Sixth Annual Good For Her Feminist Porn Awards, in Toronto, Canada. My good friend and queer porn star Jiz Lee wrote a great piece about the event as she had attended. But look at what I found...

Even though I wasn't there or even nominated, my presence floated around in a few ways that are cool and boosts my ego. I am not ashamed of to admit that. This year Good For Her showed a clip of “Masculine Eye Candy for the Feminist Smut Lover” which highlighted clips of ME. That's funny... me "masculine", but I think it's fantastic to get recognition for anything, so that was pretty cool. Also included were James Deen, Mickey Mod, Danny Wylde and Billy Castro.

Two projects that I was involved with which also happens to be some of my proudest moments in my entire porn career received recognition in their own right. Kimberly Kane's "My Own Master" garnered an Honourable Mention. It's by far one of my most celebrated films and it brought in a whole new female audience I've never experienced before. It was groundbreaking in how it handled sexuality and the way it was presented to the mainstream that has never been done before. Good job Kimberly! And one sites I like to think I was instrumental in partially putting on the map -- Honoured Websites was bestowed on Coutrney Trouble and Tina Horn's QueerPorn.TV. They kick ass in so many ways and hey allowed me to gender-bend with James Darling. They gave me the freedom to work with whoever I wanted and portray what I wanted and it translated on film. Congrats on your success Coutrney and Tina!

I love ALL my feminists porn ladies and everything that y'all do. :-)

Wet dreams,
Wolf Hudson
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