Saturday, April 11, 2009

King of Kink Vlog 7: COP Blog Awards

Hey guys,

Check out my second vlog entry. April 11, 2009

Best Cast - "He Fucked My Father''
Most Creative Top

Wet dreams,
Wolf Hudson XXX


DeWayne In San Diego said...

Vote For Wolf and Check Wolfs Sexy Bunny ears!

Anonymous said...

I've just voted for you, man!

Well, my english is not that good, but I wanted to say congratulations for the way you are and for your fucking hot performaneces at MIP.

I'd also like to know how can you take too much pain and what happened on the scene that you did with mistress Madeleine that made you cry, and how does it feel when you are humiliated the way they do... You know, just to talk about all this kind of stuff, maybe on a vlog entry??


From Spain,